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 {To save 30% of property cost

   Let’s do Group Buying

   With professional team of Organic Builders



 + Location of your choice

 + Option of immediate possession

 + Home Loan of Nationalized Bank



 + Check all Legal Docs before Payment

 + Planning support to increase your “Return on Investment”

 + Deals structure to manage your monthly cash Outflow / Income


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Did you know… 

Not saving 30% means paying 50% more to Builder on day 1 for whom you will EMI for 20 years with interest. (instead of Rs70 you pay Rs100 and then Pay EMI on extra Rs30 also)

And under Indian constitution you have every right to join hands with other Buyers to construct your own property jointly or negotiate with a builder to save 30% or more


BUYERisBUILDER…              (Buyerisbuilder is trademark of Organic Builders)

Would be more than happy if you permit us to manage your property investment for you

We expect a 10% margin against the 40% what other builders make, Therefore you save 30%


About Organic Builders 

We are a group of individuals having vast and varied experience from the field of Real Estate, Construction Material and Development, Banking & Financial services, Architecture, Interior, Legal and associated areas.

Our roots are derived from senior people who have been in real estate development and construction material supply industry for more than 25 years.



Please Copy or Download the following spreadsheet to design your own Pricing and Payment Plan.

My Plan - 10-20-14