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(Please go through the concept and fill the Project Inquiry Form.)

Hi, if You are here for the 1st time, then is probably our are 30% below Market Prices, that has got you here. And before You ask us How? We want to ask You…

How do you judge a Builder?

  1. My builder should have a very Jazzy website.
  2. My builder should give full page paper adds.
  3. My builder should print colorful brochures.
  4. My builder should have a sample flat.
  5. My builder should have a sales team to chase the deal with You.

Sadly if this is what you expect we fail on all the counts.

  1. We have a simple content focused website.
  2. We don’t have margins to give full page paper adds.
  3. We don’t print colorful brochures.
  4. We don’t build a sample flat.
  5. We don’t have sales team to run behind You, at times we may not reply to your missed calls. In short you will have to co-op with us, if possible use Email or SMS.

And still if You are interested in BiB concept. Please note, our prices may be 30% less than others but we do not have any thing in ready possession. All our projects are 10,12,15 or more months for possession.

So… still interested.  Then get started!!!   We are made for You.

just follow the following sequence to get involved.

1) Click on menu “About BiB Model” and read about 30% saving, BiB’s operating model, and Frequent Asked Questions.

2) Click on menu “Project Details” and fill the “Project Inquiry Form”. And that is it.

3) Now take a 2 day break and think over our model of BiB, discuss with your friends if something like this is really possible. Whatever your state of mind call Paritosh on 09921210787, if not reachable then SMS or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and discuss your doubts. (also available on Whatsapp on above number)

4) If you are interested in joining your team please fill the "Join Us form".

5) As You understand the builder margin in detail the more you will like the BiB concept.